How to generate self-signed server certificate for eWay-CRM

If you need to make eWay-CRM web service accessible to public connections you should consider to wrap whole application communication using HTTPS layer. To do this you need to have a SSL certificate. It can be certificate signed by some Certification Authority (CA), which is very recommended or you can generate your own certificate, if you don’t want to pay for that.
Before you start creating your own certificate you should also know that you will have to install this certificate manually on each client station.
To create the certificate download the following utility first: SelfSSL. Unzip the file somewhere on the server. Now execute the following command in Windows command line.

selfssl.exe / /S:1 /V:3650

Replace with you domain. It must be the same domain name which is used for eWay WebService. The result certificate will be valid for 10 years.