Jim Sharp, Owner, Sharp’s Landscaping Inc. (USA)

I looked for a long time to find a CRM software that would be compatible with Outlook.  When I found eWay I was very excited and also concerned when I found out the company was located outside of the United States because of the language barrier and time difference “Neither turned out to be a problem”.  Communication was excellent and the people are very accommodating and worked around our business hours in the United States.

We have been using eWay for a little over a year and my staff and I absolutely love it.  The software is designed so nice and integrated so well with Outlook, you don’t even know there is another program running with Outlook.

Another great feature with eWay is that it is very configurable/customizable and you can do it yourself in the user set-up.  You can set up check boxes, drop down’s, text boxes specific to your industry. It is a great tool and all the different modules work great together.

In most cases setting up new software is very expensive, time consuming and stressful “Not with eWay”.

Their team of people were always available, professional and responsive to our needs and made the installation very smooth with no down time.

I would recommend eWay to anyone.  They are great people to do business with a great product and they are constantly enhancing it.  My only disappointment was that I did not find it sooner.