Jeffrey McGraw, Managing Director – Cabot Street Group (US), Founder and President – Nadeau Press (US)

After using online SAAS programs and stand alone CRM software implementations at a variety of firms I needed to select a tool to use when starting a new enterprise. We looked at several options and even experimented with the Microsoft’s competing CRM packages with little success.

We found the eWay-CRM Free and installed it with Outlook as a test. We anticipated dealing with some type of learning curve as this was a new piece of software. To our surprise, the learning required less than an hour before we were comfortable. The programmers at eWay-CRM have created an intuitive interface that coupled with OneNote is our primary tool for keeping organized.

A pleasant benefit is eWay’s method of syncing information from contact history into the Notes field. This feeds into my smartphone through GoogleApps so I have relevant contact history on-hand wherever I go.

For us, adding eWay-CRM is what makes Outlook a useful productivity application.