Hvordan knytte Kalenderhendelser til Kontakter


  1. Creating Calendar Events in eWay-CRM
  2. Creating Calendar Events in Outlook

You can create a calendar event right on the item card in eWay-CRM (Contact, Lead, etc.) or in your Microsoft Outlook calendar and relate it to an item in eWay-CRM.

Creating Calendar Events in eWay-CRM

  1. While working with a contact, click Add relation with a new item and select New Calendar.


  2. A new calendar event will pop up with some filds prefilled: Subject, Location and Notes (see the table below).
Contact in eWay-CRM Calendar Event in Outlook
Name Subject
Street, City Location
Journal Notes


Journal records transfered from eWay-CRM to the Note of the calendar event will remind you details of previous negotiations. It’s especially useful when you are on the go, but have your mobile phone synced with Outlook.

If you want to invite other users to the event, use the button Invite Attendees in the top part of the window. You may want to delete your notes before sending the invite to other attendees.


  1. Specify Start time and End time and click Save & Close. The calendar event will appear both in your Microsoft Outlook calendar and on the Contact Card.



Creating Calendar Events in Outlook

You can create a calendar event right in the Microsoft Outlook calendar and link it to eWay-CRM. To do that:

  1. Open a calendar event in Outlook and select a Superior item (Contact) in the bottom part of the window.


    Once you selected a superior item, the event‘s details (Subject, Location and Notes) will be prefilled automatically. Also, records from Journal will appear in the Notes section.

  2. Click Save & Close to finish the process.

After the meeting, you can convert the calendar event into Journal and write down notes from the meeting.

  1. Open your Microsoft Outlook Calendar.
  2. Right-click on the event and select Convert to eWay-CRM > To journal.


  3. A Journal card will pop-up, where you can write down your notes. If the event has not been saved to eWay-CRM earlier, you can select Superior item/Company/Contact now.


  4. Click Save and close.