Hvordan knytte e-post til flere prosjekter

Do you have more projects running simultaneously with the same company and/or contacts? If so, you may want to link the very same email to all related projects.

You already know how to link an email to a project. Now, if you need to link the same email to another project, follow these steps:

  1. Open a project. You can do it right from the email in Sent Items by clicking the how_emails_multiple_00 button at the bottom.


  2. Сlick the E-mails tab.


  3. Right-click on the email and select Open in eWay-CRM.


  4. The Email card will pop-up. Click on the Projects tab.


  5. Right-click the space under the tab and select Add relation with an existing project.


    Or use the button Add relation with an existing item at the top part of the window.


  6. Find next project in the menu and click OK.

As a result, the email will be linked to several projects.