Hvordan bruke salgsstatuser

In the top part of the Lead card, you can find the Workflow panel with statuses.


Workflow represents a set of steps everybody needs to follow in order to close a sales opportunity or finish a project. It corresponds to a company’s standard internal processes and allows users to automate them to ensure that everyone follows the same steps. Workflow can automatically generate tasks, send email notifications, check for mandatory fields or make sure all proper documents are attached. In eWay-CRM, you can set up your own workflows in Leads, Projects, Documents, Marketing, Carts, Work Reports, Absence and Bonuses.

The workflow panel is displayed on the top of a dialog box.


The different colors give different meaning to individual statuses:

how_workflow_02 Blue background: the current status of the item.
how_workflow_03 Green background: available statuses you can click on.
how_workflow_04 Grey background: not active.
how_workflow_05 White background: the new status you clicked on before saving.

To change a status, click on any green status where you want to move to (status turns white) and hit the Save button. The status will become blue (this is the current status) and next statuses will be activated automatically (become green). Confirm by clicking the Save button.


Note that there are different types of leads available. If you are in a sales-oriented company, select Prospect Type, if you may need to convert this lead to a project, select Opportunity Type.


You can create your own types and workflows in the Administration settings. Learn more here.

eWay-CRM is able to

Create a custom view to group or filter leads by statuses like in the example below.