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Technical details of programming in various technologies we use in eWay-CRM

iOS: SQLite custom accents collation in Swift

Motivation After we dropped usage of Apple’s Core Data due to serious performance issues, we have switched to pure SQLite relation database ( Besides the better utilization of HW resources with this lower-level approach, there is another great benefit: our SQL codes are now compatible with the Android app project (Google Play). Nevertheless, SQLite on Android has one […]

How to customize edit mask in TextBox custom fields?

One of the abilities of TextBox and LinkTextBox custom fields in eWay-CRM is to create custom input masks to filter what can be typed into the box by the user. The mask is defined in the Edit mask field. The mask uses Regular Expressions, for more details please take a look at the DevExpress documentation.

64 bit SQL Server, Access Database Engine and the COM Surrogate problem

On the Windows 2012 Servers we have noticed that when we create a Linked Server to a Microsoft Access Database using Access Database Engine the server becomes unresponsive, because the COM Surrogate process consumes most of the system resources. But the COM Surrogate is not the problem, it is a system process which should help […]

Start Outlook on Outlook Today with command line parameter

Today I just want to share a quick tip on how to start Outlook on Outlook Today page eventhough it is not defined by the user. You just have to start OUTLOK.EXE using select parameter. OUTLOOK.EXE /select outlook:today This is also one of the ways how to invoke embedded IE which is still part of […]

Outlook 2010 and 2013 context menu customization

Creating new context menu item is very similar to creating items in the Outlook Ribbons. It uses the same customUI XML. Definition of the XML which creates new item in the e-mail context menu may look like this. [xml] <customui xmlns=""> <contextmenus> <contextmenu idmso="ContextMenuMailItem"> <menuseparator id="mniMailItemMenuSeparator"> <button getenabled="GetMenuEnabled" getimage="GetImage" getlabel="GetLabel" id="mniImportMail" onaction="RibbonOnAction" tag="mniImportMail"> </button></menuseparator></contextmenu> </contextmenus> […]

Outlook: Display only tasks where I am the owner

To do this, you have to go to the SQL tab on the Filter dialog and add the following expression: "{00062003-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}/811F001F" = 'Roman Štefko' As a result you will see only task you should be working on. Tasks you have assigned won’t be displayed.  

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

I installed Windows 8 to the VirtualBox to test whether eWay-CRM is working – mostly the installation – without any problems. I was testing it with Office 2007. During installation it had to install .NET Framework, which was surprising for me, because since Windows Vista .NET Framework was part of the Windows. There is also […]

Find out whether Kerio Outlook Connect is used

We are working on some changes in Tasks and Calendar synchronization, because there is a bug in KOC. You can description of the problem here: As a consequence of this situation we have to make some additional code when user is using KOC. This snippet of code may help you find out whether user […]

Find out whether MailItem Attachment is hidden or not

Bellow is a peace of code, which helps you find out whether Attachment is part of the body of an e-mail message (e.g. signature) or whether it is a regular attachment. [csharp] bool hidden; try { hidden = attachment.PropertyAccessor.GetProperty(""); } catch (System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException) { hidden = false; } [/csharp] This code works only with Office 2007 […]

Preview: New technology for customizations of Outlook dialogs

We are working on a new approach to display custom controls on E-mail, Task and Calendar dialogs in Outlook. We are using subclassing of the Outlook windows, which allows us to display our .NET controls in Outlook. This approach was working quite well until Microsoft created Social Connector plugin in Outlook 2010. There are some […]