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GDPR-CRM? Sure, eWay-CRM!

GDPR is a new regulation from the European Union. The aim of the regulation is to enforce the data protection of citizens. It brings a handful of changes and duties to entrepreneurs and companies. And of course, to CRM and its usage as well. The new eWay-CRM 5.2 is fully “GDPR-CRM.”  We interviewed Roman Štefko, […]

Ian Beecher-Jones, Owner, BJ (UK)

I’m only a 1 man operation and I just wanted to make the projects and leads work for me at the moment. For a small business that manages leads, projects and customer management eWay-CRM is great. I spent a lot of money in trying to get a system from Avidian technology set up. It cost […]

Eve Julian, Sales & Support, International Sports Timing (USA)

I did a lot of research looking for a replacement to the now-defunct Microsoft Business Contact Manager that our office had been using. Most of them were much more sales-driven and feature heavy than what I needed, not to mention astronomically expensive. For our small company with just 2 sales and support people, we needed […]

Philip Avery eWay-CRM User

Philip Avery, CEO, The Business Mechanic (UK)

The thing that has most impressed me with eWay-CRM has been their desire and ability to understand our functional requirements. In my experience this is very rare. Usually, there is a desire by suppliers to shoe-horn us into what they have to offer, focusing on that offering rather than on our need. I was impressed […]