Novinky eWay-CRM

Have a look at our Implementation Diagram!

eWay-CRM has a systematic way of implementation. We have prepared two detailed diagrams, in which you can see what exactly the whole process looks like. The first diagram presents the initial steps you will need to take before the actual implementation. In the end of this procedure, we know what your business needs and you […]

The GDPR Age: Taking care of contacts with eWay-CRM

Today article is about taking care. Taking care of who? The database of clients! So that our clients are happy like babies? Sure. But mainly so that we comply with GDPR. What’s going on? Let’s sum up the whole GDPR thing. GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, is a new legislation… But wait, you already know […]

GDPR-CRM? Sure, eWay-CRM!

GDPR is a new regulation from the European Union. The aim of the regulation is to enforce the data protection of citizens. It brings a handful of changes and duties to entrepreneurs and companies. And of course, to CRM and its usage as well. The new eWay-CRM 5.2 is fully “GDPR-CRM.”  We interviewed Roman Štefko, […]