Enjoy eWay-CRM On The Go With eWay-CRM Mobile

Get Maximum from Your eWay-CRM

eWay-CRM Mobile for Android allows you to access your eWay-CRM data from your smart phone or tablet. Be more efficient, utilize the data on the fly and get maximum from your Outlook CRM Software.

Outlook CRM Contacts

Contacts & Companies at Your Fingertips

  • Access your address book in your Android smartphone / tablet.
  • Search through various criteria.
  • Use filters predefined by the app.
  • Go through related communication history.
  • Check on your follow ups.
  • Dial / SMS / Email your clients right from the app.

Leads & Projects – Stay in Touch with Your Team

  • All business leads and projects available in your pocket.
  • Predefined filters will help you stay on the track.
  • Whatever notes, emails or documents your team members add to the project, you will find it in your smart phone.

Outlook CRM Projects

Outlook CRM Contacts

HUB? You Bet It’s Here

  • Available in Contacts, Companies, Leads and Projects.
  • All communication history sorted chronologically. Just scroll with your fingers.
  • Emails available even without Microsoft Outlook.
  • Download any attached document.
  • Go through all journals made by you or your colleagues.
  • Look over tasks.
  • Check out who already scheduled a calendar event.

Add Journals & Documents to Keep Everything Under One Roof

  • On a meeting with a client? No worries, type down your notes into your tablet or smart phone.
  • Do you have any important document you want to attach? Do it easily from the eWay-CRM app.
  • Don’t forget to set up a reminder so that you can get back to it in the office.
  • Just one more thing… eWay-CRM can automatically send a pop-up notification to make a note right as you finish a phone call.

Outlook CRM Activities

Outlook CRM Contacts

Take Photos – Be Creative

  • Do you prefer using a whiteboard / pen and paper with your clients? Need to attach a photo documentation to the project you’ve just finished?
  • Just take a photo and put it right into eWay-CRM.
  • Set up reminders to stay on track.


  • On a plane or experiencing slow internet? Don’t worry about the connection. eWay-CRM even works offline.
  • The database will be automatically updated as soon as you get online.

Outlook CRM Offline

Android CRM