eWay-CRM Mobile Updates

Our team of developers has been continuously working towards even better eWay-CRM mobile apps and you can expect a few new functions on App/Play Store this week. Therefore, read on to avoid missing something you might’ve been waiting for.

Brand new fulltext search

Search is now available from the main menu. You are able to search within the app data with just one click, easily and conveniently. You can also adjust your search settings, so that the app looks in a specific location only. For example contacts, deals, etc.

Sorting and filtering of groups

Custom group sorting, merging and filtering is quite interesting topic. It introduces smoother data navigation and a basic statistical overview. It’ll be easy to see how many projects or deals have been updated that day and what the plan is for the next week.
To elaborate, we are able to filter and view all the projects with no follow up actions or that have been „sleeping” for a while. That is a suspicious thing for a manager and it eWay-CRM makes it very easy to investigate such situations further.

The settings of this view is automatically saved and helps customise eWay to its user‘s preferences. And for future references it’s quite effortless to have eWay-CRM’s search modified.

Journal editing

Journal editing is a matter-of-fact we haven’t yet implemented, until now. That doesn’t mean we haven’t thought of it earlier. We have quite a lot of ideas and simultaneously developing all of them is, well, mission impossible. Therefore, we gradually add functions according to the priority list and let’s say the time has come.


Swipe left in the list of contacts or projects and simply start or write an e-mail. Or swipe right and get directions to the client’s office. Getting things done has never been easier!

There you have it! Probably best if you try it out and let us know your thoughts. We look forward to it!

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